Update on Reopening

Here is an update on what’s been happening, where we stand, and what’s to come.

With the GM resigning, another wrench has been tossed into the mix as the POA Board is trying to complete the gigantic task of the Clubhouse remodeling and reopening. The bad news is that there is still a lot of furniture on back order for most rooms, so they will not open until it arrives and is unpacked and placed. Estimated timeline is 2-3 weeks. This now puts us into mid September for a reopen date, yet that’s only a guess. Once the clubhouse reopens, be prepared for shorter overall hours and limiting attendance to events where it is difficult to social distance (Billiards, Cards). We will make it work. It will be slow at first, but as we learn things will improve.

So some good news. The Billiard room is almost ready. New Lights are up, walls patched and painted, new sconce lights up. All new bar stools are in – a light brown leather with metal frame, no side arms. Artwork and boards are rehung. They are putting up new chair rails this next week. We are still getting some lower bench seating for those of us who may find the tall bar stools uncomfortable.  All that’s left is a cleanup and putting some equipment back and we should be ready to play.

Play will also be different in many ways as the Clubhouse hours will be reduced, therefore the availability of the pool room will no longer be 9:00 am – 9:00 pm.  We don’t have new hours yet and are working with the board to define those. We will also need to abide by sanitizing and distancing while we use the billiards room. It will be up to each of us to keep the environment as safe as possible. We have defined and have Robson POA Board approval for our initial guidelines. I expect these to change as we evolve, but right now we need to start with these. We will post them outside of the billiard room, but wanted to give you a preview of what is to come. Please remember that your feedback makes us better. If some of these guidelines don’t work, please point the issue out to any board member and we will work to get it resolved. 


Billiard Room Daily Hours:

  1. Room Hours will be based on shortened building hours after reopening

Billiard Room Guidelines During Pandemic:

  1. Face Masks are mandatory by all persons entering the Billiards Room. Masks are to be worn properly to cover both the nose and the mouth
  2. Assume that all equipment is contaminated! Players will assume the responsibility of personal protection to the extent the player deems necessary.
  3. Please use your own personal cue stick and chalk. House sticks and chalk will not be made available. The club will make a bridge and breaking stick available for each table.
  4. It is the responsibility of any/all players to clean the balls if they feel it is needed. Cleaning supplies will be made available. The Ball Washer does not sanitize, but only cleans and polishes the Balls. It is best to wipe each Ball with sanitizer to get the best effect. Dedicated QCBC Members will wash and polish the balls as frequently as possible using Ball Washer.
  5. Billiard Room maximum occupancy is six.  Limit of 2 players per table to reduce the potential of overloading the room and practicing social distancing.
  6. We have reduced the number of chairs to 6 to increase room for social distancing.   Unneeded Chairs will be wrapped. Do not unwrap or bring in additional chairs.
  7. The room will be available to all residents, not just QCBC Members, but the QCBC Members will be the primary monitors of rules compliance.   If you see non-compliance, please ask the person to comply or leave and if you get resistance, escalate to QCBC Board Member
  8. The QCBC will hold no competitive and regular play events during this phase of re-opening. All scheduled play will be done through a first come, first serve process. All previously scheduled events are currently canceled. This would include, but not limited to M-W-F 9-Ball from 9-11, Ladies Play on Tuesdays at 7:00 pm or Ladies Play on Thursday at 1:00.

I very much appreciate all of your patience as we get through these times. IT WILL GET BETTER!
Hope to see all of you soon
Mike Ohrel
President QCBC 2020