Below, are our regularly scheduled weekly and multi-week pool playing events. Every Club-coordinated weekly session listed here, and all QC pool tournaments, are open to any QC resident wishing to try these a few times before joining the Quail Creek Billiards Club. The Billiards Room is open daily from 8 AM to 9 PM.

Monday-Wednesday-Friday morning games – Men’s 8-ball & 9-ball games. Sessions start at 9 AM, end at 11 AM year-round. (Players may leave any session at their convenience for other daytime commitments.) These are very popular pool playing (and watching) activities. Casual, not competitive, and thoroughly enjoyed even by the many players who haven’t played in more than 30 years. All our events are designed as a way to meet and spend time with others who enjoy playing pool and watching others play.

Monday evening 8-ball games – Mixed play, open to couples as well as individual men and women. Very casual non-competitive pool playing. A great choice for golfers, tennis players, or others with daytime commitments, but an evening free for pool playing.

Ladies Evening Billiards – Every Tuesday at 7 PM. Women residents get together for 8-ball games. A nice mix of many novices and a few players with some experience. As with ladies golf and tennis – good recreation and socializing.

Ladies Afternoon Billiards
– Every Thursday at 2 PM. An afternoon version of the above for women pool players who are freer to play during daytime hours than evenings. Also great for Tuesday evening players to gain added shooting practice.

Straight Pool (14.1 call shot) Tournaments – Held twice a year (February, October). Three weeks long round-robins (each entry plays all other entries). Hour and day of each match is set by each pair of opponents for a mutually convenient time. February event is double-flighted (sometimes triple).

8-Ball, 9-Ball, 10-Ball Double-elimination Tournaments – These are one-day events held from 9 AM to approx. 2 PM on a pre-scheduled Monday during the following months: 8-ball (January); 9-ball (December and some other months); 10-ball (March & September).

*FREE* POOL PLAYING LESSONS – Conducted weekly for beginners and intermediates on Fridays from 1:00 to 2:00 PM.  Visit us in the Madera Clubhouse Billiards Room.

For questions, contact: Peter Zeh 399-1060