Three highly recommended pool playing instructional books

A number of players at all ability levels have asked my opinion on the best pool instructional books (out of the hundreds available) to further their enjoyment of the game.  Click on the three links below (or copy and paste into your Internet navigation slot to get to each):

1)  For all levels of pool playing ability, particularly beginners and intermediates, I highly recommend this very reasonably priced, soft-cover instructional book (click on link below to read about it).  It has 480 pages filled with easy-to-digest, top-quality instruction, illustrations and some anecdotes from a long, famous, and still ongoing career in the pool world.  It’s currently available new for $11.40 plus shipping, or used from around $4.00 plus $3.99 shipping.  Don’t be mislead at all by the title which is strictly a publisher’s marketing approach:



You’ll see that any of these books are available new and used starting at under ten dollars.  Be sure to read the product descriptions and reviews near the bottom of each book’s Amazon page.  If you love, or are starting to love the game, they’re invaluable, as well as entertainingly and very clearly written with excellent illustrations.