Our free one-hour pool playing lessons

 As with beginning golf and tennis lessons, learning the optimum basics of grip, stance, and swing will ensure many years of pleasure and satisfying performance at our sport.  Specific to billiards: you are taught the correct elements of grip, setup, aiming, back swing and smooth, accurate delivery (cue stroke), as well as how to form a variety of hand bridges for different table situations.

During the lesson, and later reinforced by viewing our specially-prepared two-hour instructional DVD, you will learn interesting techniques of applying english (spin), shot making, cut shots, bank shots, speed control, and position play (getting on another shot after making the first one).  And best of all, you will learn simple ways to practice all this on your own whenever you visit the tables.  Doing that will automatically bring you steady improvement and an enjoyable level of performance.

And for players with a little past pool playing experience, any counter-productive habits you may have unconsciously incorporated into your playing will be pointed out to you and smoothed out. 

Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced instructional sessions for both women and men players are publicized to all QC residents.   Beginner and Intermediate sessions are conducted by the Club’s educational subcommittee weekly on Fridays from 1:00 to 2:00 PM.  Please visit us in the Madera Clubhouse Billiards Room on any Friday at that time.

For any questions about lessons contact QC Billiards Club president, Peter Zeh (399-1066).