I highly recommend extensively browsing the options seen within the following 2 website pages (below) of highly informative articles and free educational video clips, all of which uniquely shed light on all manner of pool-related questions – especially ones relating to ideal stroking, PSR (pre-shot routine), english application (intended or otherwise), aiming, pool cue maintenance, and the physics of cue ball and object ball behaviors.  Virtually all of them are explained in layman language, as well as in free, specially-prepared slow-motion and normal-motion video clips not available elsewhere:



After you’ve clicked on the link immediately above, which is the home page of Dr. Dave Alciatore’s outstandingly thorough billiards website, be sure to click on the line at the very bottom of that home page, the line that reads:  Here’s a video tour of this website.  It’s a 2-minute tour that will give you an overview of the enormous fund of pool playing knowledge that’s freely available within the website’s pages.  You’ll need your speakers turned on.

Enjoy the website and I hope you’ll find it very beneficial to your pool playing.

Dick Sussman ~ QC Billiards Club 2006 founder