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Some of our members give classes in the billiards room to players who want to learn about playing better pool.  The game is more than hitting balls into the pockets.  There are many aspects of stroke fundamentals, cue ball positioning, sustaining runs, playing defense and learning strategies for all the games.

Look out for class announcements in What’s Happening.

For more information contact the QCBC Training Coordinator.

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The Billiards Club has a collection of several hundred videotapes and DVDs of every major 8-ball, 9-ball, and Straight Pool tournament held during the past 25 years, as well as dozens of instructional videos for each of these three disciplines.  The world’s best men and women professionals are featured and you will be inspired to learn from, and emulate their techniques and strategies.

Any of these videos are loaned free for the asking to all Quail Creek residents with an interest in pool playing by contacting:
Dick Sussman ~ QC Billiards Club 2006 founder ~ 393-8600