The physical benefits of pool playing include low-impact toning of the back, hip, and leg muscles with the continuous bending and reaching to facilitate arm/hand setups and the exercise of cue stroking movements. And there is a surprising amount of beneficial walking – a typical 2-hour 8-ball session often provides 100 trips around the 28 foot perimeter of each table – equaling a half mile of non-aerobic walking.

Since the game requires (and teaches) finesse and ball speed control, very little strength is demanded, making it a perfect activity for both men and women players of any age.

And countless players with mild to medium muscle or joint impairments have found billiards the least troublesome recreation with regard to their moderate physical limitations, and for them – more possible and more pleasurable than any other participation sport. (Naturally, these folks prudently first discuss any contemplated new sport with their doctors.)

The mental stimulation of billiards is rich and very varied owing to the virtually infinite table layouts that each broken rack presents. These layouts challenge any player’s imagination, visualization, creative problem solving and constant improvisation in order to pocket balls and achieve good position on further shots as skills increase.

And since there are no sports-adverse wind, rain, heat or cold limitations, our truly weatherproof and easy-to-learn “indoor golf” is a fine addition to anyone’s well rounded Wellness Activity program. We look forward to seeing all resident pool players enjoying and healthfully benefiting themselves in the Billiards Room throughout the year.  — Dick Sussman ~ QC Billiards Club 2006 founder ~ 393-8600

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