This is quite an historic video, because this consecutive run of 366 balls is the highest run by any pool player ever captured on film or videotape.

The highly instructive player-review commentary by the player, John Schmidt and table-owner Bill Marop, was added after the run was captured on video.

John Schmidt made headlines and fans running 400 balls at Straight Pool to become the famous “Mr. 400” in billiards, a feat that ranks him among the best-ever at the game. It is difficult to communicate just how great a feat this is. Only a few dozen champions have ever run more than 200 balls without a miss, ever. The 400-ball run (witnessed by several dozen spectators but unfortunately not videotaped) kept him on his feet just over three hours as he plays Straight Pool at a relatively brisk pace.

Early in John’s billiards career one of his mentors (2-time world Straight Pool champion, Bobby Hunter) saw his passion and aptitude for Straight Pool and told him to have a goal to run 100 balls (slightly over 7 racks) at least once a day without a miss, and “After that, the game is yours.” Young Schmidt was able to do so, likely before he realized how incredibly difficult a feat that is.

The record high run of 526 set by Willie Mosconi during an un-filmed 1954 exhibition (on a 4 by 8 table with rather generous 5 ¼” pockets) has been unsurpassed for 62 years. Schmidt, now 43 years-old, runs just over 26 racks on the below video and – given his extreme talent (and dedication) – will almost certainly soon run the requisite 37 ½ racks (527 balls) to eclipse Mosconi’s record.  What a huge-selling DVD – worldwide – such a DVD will be.

Enjoy the video. Length is 1 hour, 49 minutes.  (Fast forward if you care to, thru the two 5-minute business phone calls John takes during the run.) Click on the arrow in the center to play the video (be sure to have your speakers on to hear and benefit from the superb player-review commentary. (Btw, if you’re new to Straight Pool seen on this video, it’s the game you saw throughout the 1961 film titled “The Hustler” and starring Paul Newman and Jackie Gleason – each pocketed ball counts as one point; one ball is left on the table in a strategically angled position as the entrée into the next rack, thereby enabling audience-captivating, continuous ball-running by skilled players).
— Dick Sussman ~ QC Billiards Club 2006 founder ~ 393-8600

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