There are 3 or 4 aiming systems that work well but this one is foolproof and it’s the one that professional players always use when they’re faced with a particularly difficult shot that may make the difference between winning or losing the tournament. So, I encourage all Beginning and Intermediate players to work it into all their practice play and also use it to win matches against more skilled opponents:

Start with the fact that billiard balls are 2 1/4 inches in diameter, so their centers are 1 1/8 from their outer edge. To find the perfect cue ball path to pocket any shot, walk to the object ball (numbered ball), put your cue tip on the cloth, and set the stick so that it’s aligned with an imaginary line connecting the object ball and the pocket. (In other words — as if you were going to push the OB directly into the pocket.)

Now adjust the cue tip (still on the cloth) so that it’s as close to 1 1/8 inch away from the OB as you can estimate (about 1/4 inch wider than a chalk cube). Have the butt end of the cue at least 4 or 5 inches off the cloth. Then, carefully keeping the tip on that spot, slowly swing the stick itself in an arc till it’s directly over the cue ball.

This gives you the exact line along which you send the center of the cue ball to the OB and you’ll pocket that shot every time! The aiming line towards the contact point on the OB is foolproof by this method and that’s why pros will take the time to use it on critical shots (and why it will help you to see precise aiming angles and permanently register them into your pool memory much faster than most other methods). For a helpful table demonstration contact any of the QCBC’s expert pool instructors.
— Dick Sussman ~ QC Billiards Club 2006 founder ~ 393-8600

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