How to use the Ball Washer

Periodically the QCBC maintenance volunteers clean billiard balls used in our pool room.  That task is made easier by our ball polisher machine made by DIAMOND BILLIARD PRODUCTS, INC. Here is a summary of what you need to know to use the ball polisher.  It does a great job if you do it right.

For more information watch this Diamond video.

  • Always put 8 balls into the ball holder. Using fewer balls will unbalance the unit with the possibility of it throwing balls out.
  • Put about a dime size drop of cleaning solution on the balls at the 6 and 12 o’clock positions in the holder. Too much cleaning solution will clog up the carpets in the cleaner.
  • Run the ball washer for 5 minutes.  Use the built-in timer.
  • Remove balls and put in the next 8 for cleaning.
  • Cover and stow the machine.

Join the QCBC Travel Team

We are always looking for QCBC members to represent our club and compete against other billiard clubs in southern Arizona. The game is usually 8-ball.  We want 6 primary and 4 alternate players to commit to being available to play one Saturday per month from October through April.  So far everyone competing as a team has had a great time. Join us!

For more information contact Dennis Desmond at 208-661-3264.

October 10-Ball Results

QCBC 10 BALL OCT 2019 003

Here are the results of our QCBC Sponsored 10 Ball called shot Tournament held October 28, 2019. We had a tie and  the winners of the 1 game shoot out were Adrian Lelea and Fred Vissser. The second place team was Chuck Astleford and Doug Decker.  A great time was had by all participants.