Couples Play Resumes

Every week couples can compete against couples in a friendly competition among QCBC members. Check the most recent times on our home page. Just show up. There is no need to reserve a table. First Come – First Play.


  1. A team consists of a male and a female.
  2. If your partner is unable to make it, come anyway since some singles looking to partner up.
  3. Game format will be 8-Ball. WPA  rules  that will be observed and are located here:
  4. This is just for fun. No scoring or trophy awards.
  5. Jack-N-Jill play (You make one, your partner shoots the next shot, and so on). This format makes the game more competitive.
  6. Winners stay at the table to take on the next couple. If you win 3 games in a row, your team sits if other teams are waiting.
  7. Most importantly… Have Fun!

9-Ball Tournament Results

John Andersen took first place and Jimmy Di Martino took 2nd. 

Players pictured above were Bob Deconnick, Klaus Schroeder, Mike Orel, John Andersen, Kay Mertes, Mary Smith, Nancy Gibbs, Jim Gaines and Jim Di Martino. Jerry Sameshima and Dennis Desmond helped with scoring.

Trip to GVR Ends in Tie

Tournament chairs Dennis Desmond of Quail Creek and David Kroth of Green Valley Recreation held an event on July 17, 2021. Both teams had 24 wins and 24 losses. QCBC team members who competed were Mike Ohrel, John Andersen, Tommy O’Dierno, Jimmy Di Martino,
Terry Haggart, Skip Jones and Dennis Desmond.

We’re Back!

It is starting to look like a “new” normal at the Billiards Room these days. Here is what’s new:

  • Vaccinated individuals no longer need to wear masks.
  • Table scheduling using is now on the hour and extends from 7 am to 8 pm.
  • Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9 am to 11 am members can enjoy 8-ball or 9-ball friendly competition. No signup needed, just show up.
  • The Women’s group have resumed weekly play.
  • Tournaments with nearby billiards clubs have resumed as they open up.
  • Your help in keeping our tables clean is much appreciated. Please sign up for a table cleaning session.
  • Robson has approved the expansion of the Billiards Room in the Madera Club House. We will have four 9-foot Diamond tables instead of three 8-foot Diamond tables.
  • Beginning late Summer 2021 demolition will begin at the Madera Club House. Walls will be rearranged to make a much larger room to accommodate the four larger tables. The resulting design will provide a first class space dedicated for all to have a superior pocket billiards experience for years to come.
  • Expect the Billiards Room to be closed for the duration of this construction project.

Update on Reopening

Here is an update on what’s been happening, where we stand, and what’s to come.

With the GM resigning, another wrench has been tossed into the mix as the POA Board is trying to complete the gigantic task of the Clubhouse remodeling and reopening. The bad news is that there is still a lot of furniture on back order for most rooms, so they will not open until it arrives and is unpacked and placed. Estimated timeline is 2-3 weeks. This now puts us into mid September for a reopen date, yet that’s only a guess. Once the clubhouse reopens, be prepared for shorter overall hours and limiting attendance to events where it is difficult to social distance (Billiards, Cards). We will make it work. It will be slow at first, but as we learn things will improve.

So some good news. The Billiard room is almost ready. New Lights are up, walls patched and painted, new sconce lights up. All new bar stools are in – a light brown leather with metal frame, no side arms. Artwork and boards are rehung. They are putting up new chair rails this next week. We are still getting some lower bench seating for those of us who may find the tall bar stools uncomfortable.  All that’s left is a cleanup and putting some equipment back and we should be ready to play.

Play will also be different in many ways as the Clubhouse hours will be reduced, therefore the availability of the pool room will no longer be 9:00 am – 9:00 pm.  We don’t have new hours yet and are working with the board to define those. We will also need to abide by sanitizing and distancing while we use the billiards room. It will be up to each of us to keep the environment as safe as possible. We have defined and have Robson POA Board approval for our initial guidelines. I expect these to change as we evolve, but right now we need to start with these. We will post them outside of the billiard room, but wanted to give you a preview of what is to come. Please remember that your feedback makes us better. If some of these guidelines don’t work, please point the issue out to any board member and we will work to get it resolved. 


Billiard Room Daily Hours:

  1. Room Hours will be based on shortened building hours after reopening

Billiard Room Guidelines During Pandemic:

  1. Face Masks are mandatory by all persons entering the Billiards Room. Masks are to be worn properly to cover both the nose and the mouth
  2. Assume that all equipment is contaminated! Players will assume the responsibility of personal protection to the extent the player deems necessary.
  3. Please use your own personal cue stick and chalk. House sticks and chalk will not be made available. The club will make a bridge and breaking stick available for each table.
  4. It is the responsibility of any/all players to clean the balls if they feel it is needed. Cleaning supplies will be made available. The Ball Washer does not sanitize, but only cleans and polishes the Balls. It is best to wipe each Ball with sanitizer to get the best effect. Dedicated QCBC Members will wash and polish the balls as frequently as possible using Ball Washer.
  5. Billiard Room maximum occupancy is six.  Limit of 2 players per table to reduce the potential of overloading the room and practicing social distancing.
  6. We have reduced the number of chairs to 6 to increase room for social distancing.   Unneeded Chairs will be wrapped. Do not unwrap or bring in additional chairs.
  7. The room will be available to all residents, not just QCBC Members, but the QCBC Members will be the primary monitors of rules compliance.   If you see non-compliance, please ask the person to comply or leave and if you get resistance, escalate to QCBC Board Member
  8. The QCBC will hold no competitive and regular play events during this phase of re-opening. All scheduled play will be done through a first come, first serve process. All previously scheduled events are currently canceled. This would include, but not limited to M-W-F 9-Ball from 9-11, Ladies Play on Tuesdays at 7:00 pm or Ladies Play on Thursday at 1:00.

I very much appreciate all of your patience as we get through these times. IT WILL GET BETTER!
Hope to see all of you soon
Mike Ohrel
President QCBC 2020

Update on the Billiard Room

by Mike Ohrel, QCBC President.

Hello QCBC Members,

I hope that this email finds you healthy, wealthy, safe and a bit wiser. Can you believe it has been 47 days since we had to abandon the billiards room and hunker down for the long run.  It feels like an eternity. Most of our lifestyles have changed as we are beginning to understand the “New Normal”. It is my hope that you were not impacted severely with all the economic changes, being separated from friends and family, using local amenities and for some of you, your employment. As Gov Ducey begins to open our state, Quail Creek follows suit to open our amenities slowly and cautiously. I am still a bit unsure and uncomfortable to go out into larger crowds and gathering and am taking it slow.

With all of this happening, the QCBC Board has been virtually meeting monthly to remain on meeting schedule and be dialed in as much as possible to the constant changes. One of our highest priorities is getting the Billiards room ready, not only with the current remodel but also defining how Billiards going forward will look and play. Because the Billiards Room is also open to all QC residents, we expect that the Robson Board will set most of the guidelines that the QCBC BOD will further refine to meet our game play needs. Expect small groups only 6-8 allowed in the room, a sign-in, reservation, or scheduling system of sorts and of course – distancing. There is also cleanliness and sanitation issues to overcome. Robson will enforce Billiard Room guidelines in a similar manner as Anza and the Pool and has already published the following of how they are enforcing these guidelines. We can only expect something similar when it comes to the Billiards Room with the following:

We understand that not everyone will feel comfortable returning to playing pool. For those who do want to get back out and play, please understand that it is your personal responsibility to follow all the rules, guidelines and protocols. Only you can dictate whether these facilities stay open for play; failure to comply with these guidelines could result in the closure of the facility. Your behavior will determine how we move forward. Following guidelines and rules, especially related to social distance, are an absolute must. Until further notice, only Quail Creek residents are allowed to use Quail Creek facilities.

We are also soliciting other Robson Communities as they are encountering similar distancing guideline rules. Public locations like Pockets and Clicks are also adjusting their hours and occupancy limits and are open for play.

Now for some fun news!

I’m sure you have been following the Club House remodel. The Billiards Room is painted, and our new lights are up! A BIG thanks to John Anderson for his continued support through the ordering and install process. The lights look fantastic – see attached! From what we understand…we are getting new chairs, maybe a bench, and new artwork too! As of yet, we have not been told a re-open date, but expect July 1 is probably close.

We are on the verge of being able to order QCBC Pool Team shirts! We have run through a small pilot for the board members ordering several “Polo Shirt” style shirts with our logo embroidered over the left chest. The shirts are high quality and come in a variety of colors. Please look at the attachment from our first sampling.  Our next pilot will be made available to the A and B flights of our traveling tournament team allowing us to “represent” Quail Creek Billiards even moreso. I will be reaching out to you in a separate email with information. If all goes well with the second pilot shirt orders, we will be able to make the shirts available to the remainder of our members.

Dennis Desmond (our Tournament Chairperson) has been working diligently with other local clubs to begin future tournament planning. Due to all of the restrictions each club faces, a schedule is currently hard to come by. However, they know we are out there and are coming after them! We are hoping to have at minimum one tournament per month, if not two once things get a little closer to normal. On a side note… we are getting estimates and samplings together for a new trophy display case to display our winning achievements.

And finally. We still have two openings on the QCBC Board. Vice President and Facility Committee chairperson. For the past few months, things have been slow so the vacancies did not slow us down too much. However, as we begin to start up again, we are asking and can really use your help. Neither of these positions take a lot of time and no experience is necessary. Please give some consideration to run  for either of these positions. We have had some interested in these positions but would like a few more candidates to run.  So, if you want to be a part of making this club better than what we already are, now is your chance to be a part of that. I am looking to fill these positions by 7/1, so if interested just shoot an email to  

As we near the opening date of the Clubhouse, be on the lookout for more updates and information. You can only play so much on-line and Video Billiards. I am ready for the real deal.

Stay safe out there and remain healthy. Over the next few months, we will see a lot of changes. Some will work and some will not. Be patient with Robson as well as our board. We are moving cautiously keeping your safety as our number one concern. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we plow through this.

As always… If you have any questions, don’t hesitate reaching out to me directly or sending an email to

More to come!

Mike Ohrel, QCBC President

How to use the Ball Washer

Periodically the QCBC maintenance volunteers clean billiard balls used in our pool room.  That task is made easier by our ball polisher machine made by DIAMOND BILLIARD PRODUCTS, INC. Here is a summary of what you need to know to use the ball polisher.  It does a great job if you do it right.

For more information watch this Diamond video.

  • Always put 8 balls into the ball holder. Using fewer balls will unbalance the unit with the possibility of it throwing balls out.
  • Put about a dime size drop of cleaning solution on the balls at the 6 and 12 o’clock positions in the holder. Too much cleaning solution will clog up the carpets in the cleaner.
  • Run the ball washer for 5 minutes.  Use the built-in timer.
  • Remove balls and put in the next 8 for cleaning.
  • Cover and stow the machine.