Couples Play Resumes

Every week couples can compete against couples in a friendly competition among QCBC members. Check the most recent times on our home page. Just show up. There is no need to reserve a table. First Come – First Play.


  1. A team consists of a male and a female.
  2. If your partner is unable to make it, come anyway since some singles looking to partner up.
  3. Game format will be 8-Ball. WPA  rules  that will be observed and are located here:
  4. This is just for fun. No scoring or trophy awards.
  5. Jack-N-Jill play (You make one, your partner shoots the next shot, and so on). This format makes the game more competitive.
  6. Winners stay at the table to take on the next couple. If you win 3 games in a row, your team sits if other teams are waiting.
  7. Most importantly… Have Fun!