Couples Play Resumes

Every week couples can compete against couples in a friendly competition among QCBC members. Check the most recent times on our home page. Just show up. There is no need to reserve a table. First Come – First Play.


  1. A team consists of a male and a female.
  2. If your partner is unable to make it, come anyway since some singles looking to partner up.
  3. Game format will be 8-Ball. WPA  rules  that will be observed and are located here:
  4. This is just for fun. No scoring or trophy awards.
  5. Jack-N-Jill play (You make one, your partner shoots the next shot, and so on). This format makes the game more competitive.
  6. Winners stay at the table to take on the next couple. If you win 3 games in a row, your team sits if other teams are waiting.
  7. Most importantly… Have Fun!

Join the QCBC Travel Team

We are looking for ten QCBC members to represent our club and compete against other billiard clubs in southern Arizona. The game is usually 8-ball.  We want 6 primary and 4 alternate players to commit to being available to play one Saturday per month from October through April.  So far everyone competing as a team has had a great time. Join us!

For more information contact Dennis Desmond.


QCBC Garage Sale


Quail Creek Billiards Club

On November 9th 2019 Quail Creek will have its annual garage sale. Club treasurer John Anderson has graciously volunteered to sell items donated by club members.  The proceeds from the sale will be used to improve the billiard room and will include the purchase of appropriate overhead lighting and a ball washer.  If you have any salable items that you would be willing to part with for use in this worthy event  you can contact Charles Astleford, Vice President, any time, at 520 625-1269 as he is storing items in his golf cart garage. Or, drop them off at John’s home beginning on November 7th.  John resides at 1995 E Winter Hawk Place and his email address is

Your assistance through donations would be greatly appreciated.  Items that remain unsold will be donated to the White Elephant.  Thanks in advance!

Medals Won at Senior Games

Congratulations to five QCBC club members for winning medals at the 2019 Southern Arizona Senior Games. The games were played in Green Valley in March 2019. Peter Zeh (Gold: 9-Ball, Gold: 8-Ball Mixed Doubles, Silver: 8-Ball Doubles, Bronze: 8-Ball); Tom O’Dierno (Silver: 8-Ball, Silver: 8-Ball Doubles); Dave Goble (Silver: 9-Ball, Bronze: 8-Ball); Dennis Desmond (Bronze: 9-Ball) and John Anderson (Bronze: 8-Ball).

Billiard Room Pool Tables Upgraded

On  August 5th The Quail Creek Billiards Club and the Quail Creek POA completed a major upgrade to the billiards room amenity. Three new professional quality eight-foot Diamond pool tables were installed. New balls, chairs, chair rails, bridges, cabinet, shelves, racks, covers and cues have also been added.

QCBC 0111

Peter Zeh, QCBC President,  said, “Our club members, the POA and the people at Diamond really came together to make something incredible happen. The tables are top quality and make us step up our game. With three tables we get more play time during our tournaments and regular group events.”

QCBC 0118
The three tables have 1-inch one-piece slates ​for the smoothest of surfaces.

QCBC 0120
Incredibly smooth blue Simonis​ cloth covers the table and rails to provide the best play possible.

QCBC 0130
The expert installation team from Diamond Billiard Products, Inc. completed the delivery and installation in one day.

QCBC 0152
Tom O’Dierno lines up a shot during the club’s Wednesday morning 9-Ball play.

QCBC 0161
Klaus Schroeder, Adrian Lelea and Dave Goble concur that the new tables are both more enjoyable and challenging.