Join the QCBC Travel Team

We are looking for ten QCBC members to represent our club and compete against other billiard clubs in southern Arizona. The game is usually 8-ball.  We want 6 primary and 4 alternate players to commit to being available to play one Saturday per month from October through April.  So far everyone competing as a team has had a great time. Join us!

For more information contact Dennis Desmond.


QCBC Garage Sale


Quail Creek Billiards Club

On November 9th 2019 Quail Creek will have its annual garage sale. Club treasurer John Anderson has graciously volunteered to sell items donated by club members.  The proceeds from the sale will be used to improve the billiard room and will include the purchase of appropriate overhead lighting and a ball washer.  If you have any salable items that you would be willing to part with for use in this worthy event  you can contact Charles Astleford, Vice President, any time, at 520 625-1269 as he is storing items in his golf cart garage. Or, drop them off at John’s home beginning on November 7th.  John resides at 1995 E Winter Hawk Place and his email address is

Your assistance through donations would be greatly appreciated.  Items that remain unsold will be donated to the White Elephant.  Thanks in advance!

Code of Conduct Adopted

Since our billiards room is in the Madera Clubhouse the Quail Creek code of conduct is always in effect.  Article 2 – Code of Conduct can be found in the Quail Creek Property Owners Rules

The following additional  rules of conduct were approved by the QCBC board of directors for our members to discourage behaviors that would detract from our enjoyment of playing pool.  Please review these and provide feedback to the board if you like.

download pdf:  QCBC Code of Conduct


Break Sheets

You may have noticed that our members have started to use a piece of paper under the cue ball during a break shot.  This is a trick we learned from the Green Valley club who have saved a lot of wear on their cloth by using break sheets.  We are accumulating marks on the cloth of our tables.  The downward force on the cue ball compresses the cloth at the point of impact causing a dent.  The ball doesn’t spin at first so it skids along the cloth creating a streak. The cloth is pretty sturdy but the ball actually removes some of the dye.

Let’s all get in the habit of using the break sheets provided in the billiards room so we can extend the life and beauty of our tables.

Thank you for your cooperation.